Hello there, my name is Alan Marlow and I own and operate an independent Driving School around Northampton within post code areas of NN1-NN5.  I am a very friendly and patient Driving Instructor with excellent pass rates, especially for first time attempts!

A manual Peugeot 208 is used for instruction, the vehicle has air conditioning, power steering and a superb diesel engine making learning to drive far easier than a petrol engine car. Dual controls are fitted. The car is replaced every 12 months and maintained in immaculate condition for your comfort.

Most pupils choose weekly lessons. However, I am totally flexible and can offer intensive courses if required. Pass Plus is also available for those who wish to expand their training after they pass to include motorway tuition, you may even qualify for insurance discount once you have taken your Pass Plus! If you have not driven for some time, maybe even years, then refresher courses can be arranged.

If you have never driven before then I can offer you your first two hour lesson for just £26 (half price) - and don't worry about driving for the very first time as I will drive you to and from a quiet site so you can enjoy your first lesson worry free of any busy traffic, it really is good fun! See left hand link "freefirstlesson"

Help towards the theory test is provided FREE of charge. Theory and Practical mock tests are offered to evaluate your progress and suitability in readiness to take the test.

A Drivers Record is provided for all pupils. This is filled out after each lesson. The document records the pupil's individual progress and helps us both to plan for the next lesson.

You will learn at a rate to suit yourself. If you want a relaxed lesson or a faster paced, more intense lesson its up to you, as long as I consider it suitable.

My training is based on actual driving rather than sitting in the car looking laboriously at books - the best way to learn is hands on .. and that`s what I do!

I purposely only cover a small area around Northampton in areas NN1 to NN5. This ensures excellent local knowledge of driving test routes and the very best areas to train in.

The training that I provide is not just to pass the test, but to retain the skills gained to enable you to drive safely for the rest of your life! The Driver and Standards Agency (DVSA) motto is "Safe Driving For Life".... exactly what I do!!

A lesson and briefing on motorway driving is taken just before the driving test, with me driving and instructing the pupil. This enables the pupil to gain some experience on motorway driving prior to passing their test. A Pass Plus course will fully cover motorway driving but this cannot be carried out until the pupil has passed their driving test.

I also have a 'satnav' lesson included in the driving course.

Cruise control is also explained and demonstrated.

A free one hour refresher course is offered to all Marlows pupils after their driving test. This enables pupils who passed their test some time ago to brush off the cobwebs prior to taking up driving. See left hand link "freerefresher"

I am confident that it would be extremely difficult to find a more enthusiastic and organised Approved Driving Instructor anywhere in the Country! 

All Driving Instructors have to display their licence on the windscreen. Trainee Instructors display a pink `badge` to show that they have not taken and passed all three of their qualifying exams,
BUT ARE STILL ALLOWED TO INSTRUCT! However, fully qualified, Approved Instructors who have passed all three exams display a green badge. Rest assured I am proud to display my
GREEN badge!! 


I am also a member of the MSA - The Motor Schools Association of Great Britain. The MSA is a senior trade association for Driving Instructors which apart from numerous other benefits keeps me well informed of any matters of interest and represents members views to government agencies such as DVSA, DfT and DVLA

Gift vouchers are available - what a great Birthday present that would make! And just think that it would be a present remembered forever. Passing your driving test is a life changing moment and will open so many new doors in the future. Vouchers can be for a first lesson, future lessons or the whole course - it's your choice.

I have a full, enhanced, CRB check, now known as a DBS check,  for  your complete confidence and safety assurance

I do not advertise in newspapers and I have the tiniest of ads in Yellow Pages as most of my business comes from recommendations from my pupils, need I say more..?

I look forward to hearing from you soon

Thank you




Here is a selection of testimonials received from my pupils or their parents. Original copies are available to view upon request:


I would just like to thank Alan for his patience he kept with me and continuing to help me improve my driving. He is an excellent instructor who always had faith in me passing my test. I will certainly miss our lessons and our little chats whilst driving. I'm sure I'll see you around on the roads at some point. All the best, Kaysha (via text)


I cannot praise Alan Marlow highly enough. He is an excellent driving instructor. he is patient kind and supportive, especially to nervous pupils (like me) but knows how to achieve the right balance and get the job done. 12 months ago I would not have believed I could pass my driving test but I chose him because he was a level 6 instructor and I had read the reviews on his website. I'm so glad I did because with Alan's help I PASSED 1st time.  As a mature pupil (54 years old) I thought it was too late to learn to drive, but now I can it has given me freedom. He is a true gent and there are not many of them around. So if you are reading this and thinking about learning to drive I would definately 100% recommend Alan Marlow Driving. Joanna:  (via text &'yel.com' review)


THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU... (written 50 times!) - Now you know how thankful I am, Chloe "P"


Thanks for teaching me how to drive. I will be careful on roundabouts!! See you around. Sam


Thank you for all the time and effort you have put into helping me pass. I'll see you on the road! Francis


Just wanted to say a big thank you for teaching me to drive so well. You have been brilliant! Chloe


Thank you for all your help and support, now I have passed I have freedom. You are a really good Driving Instructor, will miss my lessons, thats for sure. Laura (& Matt and your fans Erin, Olivia & Imogen)


Dear Alan, I'm sorry for my late response to Steve passing his test. I would just like to thank you SO much for your hard work, effort and patience to work with him, I always recommend you to people, you changed my life by teaching me to drive and I still appreciate your hard work to this day when I'm out driving on the roads and I remember all your advice too. Rachael xxx (via text)


Thank you for all your help, couldn't have done it without you. Charlotte


Hi Alan, thanks once again through your hard work and support, we have a very happy young person in our household. She's delighted and can't wait to get on the road in her car. Anyway, thanks again. Sue, Brian & of course Laura


Hi Alan, thanks for all your help. This is probably the best day of my life! - Carl(via text)


Thank you very much for being a great instructor! Had a brilliant time and couldn't have learnt with a better guy. Many thanks. Chad


Thanks for all your help. Can't believe I passed first time. I appreciate your patience with my left reverse, my peep and creep and my observations. Thanks again - Morgan (Krissy and Bailey)


Thank you for everything! You are an amazing teacher! - Rochelle


Thanks for everything. Couldn't have done it without you - Amy


Alan, Thank you so much for being such an awesome driving instructor that I managed to pass first time! I wish you all the best for you and yours and will definitely recommend you to all I know - Rach


Thank you very much for all of your help and giving me a great life skill - Emma


Thank you so very much in all your help to enable Jack to pass his driving test. We are thrilled and of course he is. Well that's all our brood up and running and we wouldn't hesitate to recommend you on the highest level - Jo and Bernard


Thank you so much for everything, you have helped me so much! - Jess


Thanks a million, you really are a star - Mia


Thank you so much for all your help (I'm still in shock) - Hannah


Just wanted to say thank you for all your help in helping me pass me test. I'm really enjoying driving. I will be sure to pass on your details to a friend when they want to learn - Katie


Thank you for all the help with my driving! It has allowed me to do the job I have always wanted to do! I couldn't have done it without your help and encouragement! I still miss my weekly Wednesday lesson with you! Especially hearing about your little kitten, my lessons were really fun! You are a really good driving instructor and I will miss you lots - Alicia


Thank you for everything - Nadine


Just a line to say thanks for all your expert tuition with Jake. Its great that he can now ferry me about!! - Sarah (Jakes Mum) (and a few months later...)  Thanks for all your help & encouragement - 2 x 1st timers - not bad!!!  Best  wishes Sarah, Colin, Jake + Eddie x


I can never thank you enough for what you've done for me. You have given me the gift of transportational freedom. Your more than a driving instructor, your a good man and a gentleman. Thankyou for everything! Pass first time!! - Christine


Thank you so much for helping me get through my driving test efficiently whilst maintaining your composure to allow us to get along so well, regards - Jim







E:MAIL: info@alan-marlow.co.uk

PHONE - TEXT: 07968 326 751

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There is a private pupil access area on the left hand link menu. If you are already a pupil, please click "pupilaccessonly" and enter your pass code. This will provide additional information which cannot be viewed by the general public


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