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Before you can book a practical driving test you have to take take a theory test and hazard perception test (HPT)

The theory test comprises of 50 questiions requiring single and multiple answers

The maximum time allowed to complete the multiple choice questions part of the test will be 57 minutes and candidates will need to achieve a pass mark of at least 43 correct responses out of 50

New questions are often added so please make sure that your tuition material is up to date!

Alan Marlow Driving Tuition offers FREE help towards the theory and hazard perception test

The driving theory test should help to prepare drivers for real life on the road - good driving is not just about vehicle handling skills, but also about having the knowledge and understanding of safe driving theory

The Hazard Perception Test shows a selection of videos where developing or actual hazards appear. Clicking the mouse button as soon as you see a hazard will increase your score, clicking later will reduce your score


Demo's of the theory and hazard test can be found at the links (below) or on You Tube


The current pass rate is around 61% - The fee is £23 - payable to the DVSA



You must take the correct documentation with you when attending your theory test as the test may be cancelled and you will lose your fee. Please read the confirmation letter or e.mail sent to you for full details!



To pass the multiple choice part you must answer at least 43 questions correctly -  the pass mark for the hazard perception part is 44 out of 75 and you will need to pass both of these at the same sitting. If you fail one of the parts you will have to take the whole test again.




1) Click the Marlows main web site link (below)

2) Click top right of home page (resources)

3) Scan down to "Pass My Theory"





1) Click the Marlows main web site link (below)

2) Click top right of home page (resources)

3) Scan down to ""






There is a private pupil access area on the left hand link menu. If you are already a pupil, please click "pupilaccessonly" and enter your pass code. This will provide additional information which cannot be viewed by the general public









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